Cupcake class with Anis Magic Fingers

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hahahaha.. ni ms attending cupcake class kat Subang USJ..with Anis Magic Fingers

best blaja dlm kelas ni... tak rs penat pn, wlaupun hmpir 4 jam blaja.. ni la result2 kami..kekekke..

Nikken, Airin, Tinur & Hannim

yang bestnye, Tinur & Nikken ni org dr seberang.. tp ade butik sendiri tu.. kelasss plak tu butik dia.. 
website Tinur bg sesape yg nk tempah kebaya... kelasss you butik dia...
ni pula website nikken utk bakal pengantin ye...

 thanks to to her.. :)

Snowie Frost !

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this order came from my friend, nadia.. she want sumthng that look simple n white...juz for tea time snack with her family.. so, i decide to do the simple cuppies to her..
 chocolate moist cake inside with vanilla buttercream frosting

nadia said its was nice and her mother love it very much.. thnks for the compliment.. :)

Things that makes me happy.........

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I started writing about some painful memories and I kept writing and writing and then - I stopped.

So I have half of a huge post that may or may not be appropriate for public consumption. And my brain now resembles oatmeal.

I'm looking for a little happy!

What makes me happy, you ask? Well, let me tell you:

CUPPIES...!!! - because having a great book read to you is so delicious.

Avocado Oil Soap from Crabtree and Evelyn because it smells exactly like what heaven must smell like when a perfect little breeze is blowing. Seriously. Go to the store and smell it. You'll see.

Our sofa - which is totally on sale. We actually need two, but we bought it three...!!

My lil' princess. My husband. My family. My friends. Sometimes my cats & my fish.

I got it pretty good over here.

Happy Thursday.

chocolatier lover

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ni order from my mum's student.. dia suke choc then, dia nk cuppies yg byk dgn chocate.. (xmuak ke..? hehehhee..).. memula suggest kat dia, dlm butter cake, luar baru letak chocolate a lot.. but, she's refused. she wants lotsssssss of chocsssss... wat to do, customer always right.. hehehehhe... here's the result !

               i add the coloured love to gv a mood to the cuppies..
yummy delicious choc a lot cuppies.. thnks shopping with CLC... =D

mY 1sT cuStoMer !!

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wahahahha.. this is my 1st customer.. her name arin.. she wants cuppies for her sister.. hehehhe.. thnks arin for trusting me baked the cuppies for u.. one day tu, while we chatting via facebook, out of the blue, she ask me if i can make cuppies for her aunt that live in singapore.. i pun, ape lg, ok saja lah dr takde kerja.. hahahha..
so, this is the result....
              design org beginner.. muahahhaa..

                 amacam..? ok ke..? kekekekke..

kek tu da smpai singapore dah.. pg2 g hntr kat arin.. thnks arin.. hope u like it.. cheeerss !!! =D
* picture taken using hp only..xsempat nk grab dit cam.. huhuhu..

welcome !!!! masuk !! masuk !! =p

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hallo..haloo... welcome to my page... huhuhuhu.. this is my first time blogging.. mcm best la plak kan ade page sendiri.. lagi2 lah page tu freeee... hehehehhe...

ok..ok.. back to the topic... hmm.. actually, penubuhan (erk??) page ni krn sy telah berjinak2 dlm dunia bisnes pembuatan kek.. (cewahhhh..!! *winks*).. ni smua berkat blaja dr best fren, anis.. sronok jgk blaja dan buat kek ni.. thrill !!! tp, bab nk mngemas tu..aduhhhhhh.... malasnyeeeee.. hehehhe..
ok guys & girls out there ! do drop by and jgn la segan2 nk tempah kek ye.. hehehhee.. daaaa...

happy shopping !!!!!